Tourmie: Now available in 4 new languages!

We are excited to announce that Tourmie is now available in 4 new languages: French, German, Italian & Spanish! Our team is working hard to add as many languages as possible to the application and make your and your guests’ experience more personalized, simple, and enjoyable.



language change

You can now change your preferred language on Tourmie.

To do so:

  1. Go to Settings > User
  2. From the Display language field, select your preferred language
  3. Click Update



Content translation

Creating your property listing in multiple languages is a simple way to improve your guest experience. By speaking your guests’ language, you’re not only opening doors to a wider audience but also creating a more welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

To translate your property listing into other language:

  • Go to Settings > Account
  • From the Account details tab, select your preferred content languages in the Content language field
  • Click Update


  • Go to Properties
  • Select the property you want to edit
  • Go to Languages and select the language you want to add
  • Fill in your property details in your selected language
  • Click Update


Go to Tourmie & try it for yourself

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