Introducing Tourmie’s Concierge Assistant

In the dynamic and demanding world of hospitality and property management, businesses face numerous and often intricate challenges. In an environment where guest experience lies at the heart of success, expectations have soared to unprecedented heights. While there’s an abundance of automated systems providing support and information to guests, they lack the human touch and empathy that only a person can provide. This personalized service, combined with technology, is the key to achieving ultimate guest satisfaction.



The challenges in the hospitality industry

  • The lack of specialized staff
  • The need for personalized service
  • The need for ongoing support
  • The need for local knowledge


Solution → A dedicated Concierge Assistant

Tourmie’s dedicated and specialized Concierge Assistant is here to provide your guests with ongoing and personalized support throughout every step of their journey. This means you can focus your valuable time on delivering exceptional accommodation services!


Meet Tourmie’s Concierge Assistant

1. Welcomes guests

Contacts your guests right after their booking to welcome them and provide personalized assistance in organizing their trip.


2. Provides information

Provides useful information about the area, such as restaurants, attractions, museums, and more, to help your guests make the most of their destination.


3. Makes reservations for services

Takes care of reservations for restaurants, tours, services, and events, saving your guests time and effort.


4. Manages requests

Responds to all guests’ questions and needs during their stay, solving problems and providing immediate support.



Benefits for Hotels & Property Managers

  • Reduction of staff costs
  • Saving staff time
  • Ongoing guest support
  • Improved guest experience
  • Improved reviews
  • Increased revenue


Tourmie Concierge Assistant is for a limited number of interested companies.

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