Guide your Guests to the Best Christmas Places

As the Christmas season has arrived, your guests are eager to immerse themselves in the magic and traditions of Christmas. Your area guide plays a crucial role in guiding them towards the most enchanting experiences that your local area has to offer. By incorporating festive touches and recommendations, you can transform your area guide into a treasure trove of Christmas surprises for your guests. So, are you ready to personalize even more your guests’ experiences?



Add Christmas touches in your area guide

1. Curated Christmas Experiences

• Caroling and Lights: Share information about local caroling performances and holiday light displays. Help your visitors by providing information about the program and times of events.

• Christmas Markets and Artisanal Delights: Guide guests to local Christmas markets, where they can find unique gifts, handcrafted ornaments, and traditional holiday treats. 

• Local Crafts and Gift Ideas: Highlight local artisans and businesses that offer unique Christmas gifts or decorations. Suggest opportunities for guests to support these businesses by purchasing handcrafted items or participating in workshops.



2.  Immersive Culinary Delights

• Festive Menus and Treats: Recommend local restaurants that offer special Christmas menus or holiday specials. Share local shops with Christmas snacks or desserts that can also be eaten inside the accommodation.

• Christmas Baking Classes or Workshops: Suggest local baking classes or workshops where guests can learn traditional Christmas recipes or decorate butter cookies. 

• Christmas Wine Tastings or Chocolatier Tours: Share information about Christmas wine tasting events, chocolatier tours, or other culinary experiences that capture the spirit of the season.



3. Community Engagement and Festive Spirit

• Volunteer Opportunities: Suggest opportunities for guests to give back to the community during the holiday season. Share information about local charities, volunteer opportunities, or food drives that align with the guest’s interests, fostering a sense of goodwill.

• Christmas Carols or Community Choirs: Share information about local Christmas caroling groups or community choirs that perform in the local area. Encourage guests to live like a local and to join in the festivities and experience the authentic spirit of the season.

• Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies or Parades: Recommend local Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, parades, or other community events that celebrate the holiday season. Provide links or directions to these events to encourage guests to immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere.



Extra tips to create a magical Christmas experience for your guests:

Decorate your accommodations with festive cheer

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by decorating your spaces with Christmas lights, ornaments, and other holiday touches.

Offer special Christmas treats

Surprise your guests with thoughtful gestures like personalized gift baskets, Christmas-themed snacks, or warm drinks.

Share local Christmas traditions

Educate your guests about the unique customs and celebrations that take place in your community during the holiday season.

Be responsive and accommodating

 Be flexible with your guests’ requests and go the extra mile to make their Christmas stay memorable.



By incorporating these Christmas touches and recommendations into your area guide, you can transform your area guide into an indispensable resource for your guests, allowing them to fully embrace the magic and traditions of the holiday season. Your thoughtful gestures and attention to detail will create unforgettable experiences that will resonate with your guests and leave lasting impressions and good reviews.


Create your own Christmas Area Guide

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