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Find new outsourcing business partners for your hotel or vacation rental and start promoting a wider range of travel services to your guests.

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About Tourmie PartnerFinder

Tourmie PartnerFinder enables hotels and vacation rentals to grow their network of outsourcing business partners in order to increase their revenue and profitability, provide a wider range of travel services to their guests and enhance their guest experience.

It is a brand-new and innovative tool that is going to boost the cross-selling of services to your guests, automate the communication process and help you save valuable time. Discover new reliable and specialized partners in just minutes, promote their services to your guests online through your own services booking engine and receive up to 25%commissions for services sales.

How it works


for business partners by selecting the types of services and the locations you’re interested in.


the profiles of business partners, their provided services and the commission you will earn.


business partners and services and then send partnership invitations to start cooperating.

Provided services

We’re constantly growing our network of travel service providers, so that every guest can have an authentic travel experience and explore the hidden gems of each destination, through a wide range of travel services.


From/to the airport, port and other destinations


Excursions, activities, sightseeing and guided tours

Car rentals

Cars, motorcycles, bikes and boats


Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner

Key benefits

Search for outsourcing partners is a strategic and economic practice for hospitality businesses that can lead to significant time and cost savings, new revenue streams and greater quality.

Increase your revenue

Expand the range of services you offer at your hotel or vacation rental and earn up to 25% commission every time a guest makes an online service booking.

Save time

Connect with our trustworthy travel service providers in just a few minutes and start promoting their services to your guests through your own service booking engine.

Automate processes

Manage all your outsourcing business partners in one place and automate all the communications between you, partners and guests.

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