Streamline your Guest Communication

Improve communication efficiency, increase guest satisfaction and save time by automating certain aspects of guest communication.

Set up all your communications in minutes!

What you can do with Αutomated Μessages

Send information

Provide suggestions

Collect guest information

Upsell services

Send reminders

Address issues

How it works

Choose a message template

Choose from a variety of pre-designed message templates or create a custom one to fit your brand’s voice and style. With Tourmie, you can easily create message templates for various scenarios, such as welcome messages, check-in instructions, appliance instructions, upsells & cross-sells, and more.

Customize the content

Create messages that are tailored to your needs. Choose from a list of shortcodes and tags, and insert particular information from your bookings and listings, such as your guest’s name, the property address, the WiFi password, the check-in instructions, and more.

Activate the template and start tracking your messages

Choose the properties or rooms to which the message template will be sent and activate it. Then, start tracking the status of all scheduled messages in one place, and take action if necessary, to edit, cancel or resent a message.

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