Automate the check-in process of your guests

Streamline your guest experience with Tourmie’s online check-in. Empower your guests to check in prior to their arrival, saving time and enhancing their overall stay.

Ready to revolutionize your check-in process?

After a long journey, your guests just want to unwind. But traditional check-in can mean wait times and long queues, adding stress to their arrival. With Tourmie’s online check-in, guests can complete formalities from anywhere, before they even arrive. 

reduction in check-in time per guest
increase in guest satisfaction

Collect valuable guest information

Tourmie’s online check-in helps you collect important guest information and gain valuable insights into guests’ preferences and needs. In this way, you can personalize their experiences and foster lasting relationships.

Streamline your workflow

Eliminate the need for manual check-in procedures and minimize staff time spent on administrative tasks. Tourmie’s online check-in automates the process, freeing up staff to focus on providing exceptional guest service and enhancing operational efficiency.

Hassle-free check-in, 24/7
Online requests and payments
Email and SMS automated messages

Increase revenue with upselling and cross-selling

By gathering guest information during the check-in process, Tourmie recommends personalized add-on services, that perfectly suit their stay. This translates to increased guest satisfaction and a healthy revenue boost for your business.

How it works


Pre-arrival email & SMS

Guests receive a pre-arrival email and SMS after their booking with a unique link.


Online check-in

They enter all the necessary details to complete the check-in process online.


Check-in instructions

They receive their check-in instructions to access their accommodation.

Why Tourmie’s online check-in?


Customize the fields and the look & feel of your online check-in form to match your needs.


Provide your guests with a web-based app that can be accessed without the need to download.

Connected to your PMS

Connect your Tourmie account to your PMS, managing everything from one application.

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