Help your guests find the best local places

Tourmie’s area guide helps you provide your guests with everything they need to know about your local area, including restaurants, shops, attractions, and more.

Build your custom area guide in minutes!

What your Area Guide can includes

Food & drink

Recommendations for the best restaurants, taverns, cafes, bakeries, bars, and nightlife spots.

Things to do

Things to do and places to see in the area, such as tourist attractions and historic sites.


Suggestions for local stores, such as supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls, gift shops, etc.


Transportation options in the area, such as airports, ports, buses, trains, and metros.


Healthcare in the area, including hospitals, pharmacies and local clinics.


Useful services, such as ATMs, banks, parking, gas stations, and beauty salons.

How it works

Add your favorite local recommendations

With Tourmie’s Area Guide, you can create a custom interactive map of your area with your favorite local recommendations. This can include anything from the best restaurants and tourist attractions to the nearby pharmacies and bus stations.

Customize the content

For each point you add to the map, you can customize the content to fit your needs. This means you can add detailed descriptions so your guests know what to expect, upload your own photos, and even add any discount and coupon you have, so your guests can save money on their trip.

Share the area guide with guests

Once you’ve created your area guide, you can share it with your guests through Tourmie’s email & SMS automated messages, as well as across your social media platforms, booking channels, and official website. By doing so, you’ll provide them with the essential information they require to plan their trip and simplify their stay.


Interactive map

Help your guests easily explore your area through an interactive digital map with your favorite local recommendations.

Instant updates

Easily update your guide with instant modifications, whether you’re adding, editing, or deleting points onto the map.


Customize each point you add to the area guide with your own photos and descriptions to better fit your needs.


Offer your guests clear directions from your accommodation address to the featured points of interest.

Distance calculation

Facilitate your guest experience, allowing them to determine the distances between the points of interest and your address.

Price calculation

Help your guests plan their budget with information about the price ranges of the points of interest.


Include any available offer, discount, and coupon you have for local activities, stores, and different kinds of services.

White label

Customize your guide with the look and feel of your own brand identity and maintain a consistent user experience.

Web application

Provide your guests with a web-based app that can be accessed from any internet browser or device. No need to download.

Your benefits

Provide local suggestions

Allow your guests explore your area like a local, discovering unique hidden gems beyond the typical tourist spots.


Simplify guest journey

Help guests save time in researching and planning their activities and make the most of their stay without hassle.


Boost guest satisfaction

Deliver an exceptional experience to your guests, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction and positive reviews.

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