Everything your guests need in one place

From useful hotel information and recommended places to cross-selling of ancillary services and live chat.

Available at any time – Before, during & after guests’ stay

Easy access to necessary information

Give clear instructions on how to check-in or use appliances

Outline your hotel rules and safety policies

Share your recommendations about the best places to visit

Include all the important info, such as WiFi password, directions to the hotel, facilities, amenities, etc.

Ancillary services bookings

Get an online booking engine for travel services

Upsell your in-house services with 0% commission

Connect with our trustworthy providers, promote their services to your guests and earn* up to 25% commission (*only for business accounts)

Provide a variety of authentic travel services to your guests, help them plan a full-service trip and increase their satisfaction

Instant messaging through a live chat

Enable real-time messages through a live chat

Adopt contactless communication options

Automate guests’ requests and time-consuming calls

Engage with your guests in real-time

Your benefits

Our digital guest directory can be beneficial in many ways

Enhance guest experience

The digital guest directory helps you facilitate your guests’ service before, during and after their stay and ensure that they have a better experience.

Save valuable time

No unnecessary questions, no multiple calls, no wasting time. Your guests can quickly find what they’re looking for on their personal digital guest directory.

Increase revenue

Boost reservations for additional services and increase your revenues. Your guests can book what they need directly in just a few steps.

No download needed for your guests!

Tourmie’s Digital Guest Directory is a web-based app, accessible from any internet browser or device.

Core features

Learn what features make our digital guest directory so convenient


Excite guests in the first second! The digital guest directory can be personalized with your guests’ information in order to make them feel unique.


Provide guests with all the necessary information about your hotel. From amenities and facilities to directions and check-in instructions.

Area guide

Share with guests an interactive area guide with all your recommendations about restaurants, activities and the popular sights.


Stay in touch with guests. The live chat allow them to contact you at anytime, before, during and after their stay.

Service booking engine

The booking engine makes it easy for you to upsell and cross-sell additional services to guests, such as airport transfer and local experiences.

Hotel Facilities

Enter detailed information about your hotel facilities, such as the location of the restaurant or gym and the hours of operation.

Request form

Allow guests to submit online any requests for services, information or amenities and save valuable time from communicating with them.

Contact info

All the contact details your guests need in one place. From your personal phone numbers to a list of emergency numbers in the country.

How it works

4 easy ways to communicate your digital guest directory to your guests

Shareable link

Share the link of your digital guest directory in various ways. From your automated messages on Airbnb and Booking to emails, SMS or your website.

QR codes

Print the provided QR and place it anywhere at your hotel room or reception. Your guests can scan the QR code and get quick access to your digital guest directory.


Connect your Tourmie account with your PMS or integrate your system with our API. In this way, you can automate the process of inserting guest bookings and save time.

Manual booking entry

Don’t you have a PMS system? You can manually insert your guests’ reservations in a few steps and invite them to your digital guest directory via email.

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