Help your guests discover services tailored to their needs

Tourmie’s Automated Services Recommendations are designed to simplify your daily operations, personalize your guest experience, and increase your cross-selling opportunities.

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About Tourmie’s Automated Services Recommendations

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, Tourmie has created an intelligent Services Recommendation System that automatically provides your guests with tailored recommendations for additional services, such as car rentals, transfers, excursions, and more. These recommendations are delivered to guests at relevant stages of their journey, ensuring they have the best-personalized experience.

How it works?

Data collection

Tourmie’s Services Recommendation System collects reservation and guest data from your integrated channel manager or Tourmie’s online check-in form.


Using advanced algorithms and machine learning methods on the collected data and the guests’ behavior, characteristics, and needs, the Recommendation System creates individual guest profiles and classifies them into specific groups.


Based on the guest profile, Tourmie searches for the most relevant services and creates a collection of tailored recommendations.


The Recommendation System presents the generated recommendations to guests at relevant stages of their journey and in various optimal ways.

How do these recommendations appear to guests?

Tourmie sends automated emails and SMS messages to your guests, featuring personalized recommendations for services before, during, and after their stay.

Guest portal

Tourmie creates a dedicated guest portal for each of your guests that serves as a centralized hub for their recommended services, upcoming stays, and booked services.

Guests can access Tourmie’s recommendations directly through your property guide. Upon browsing the guide, tailored suggestions appear.

Why use Tourmie’s Automated Services Recommendations?

Enhance guest experience

Help your guests discover services they need for their stay. Instead of spending time searching, Tourmie provides them with the best-personalized options, based on their guest profile and needs.

Save time

Instead of spending time searching and recommending services to each guest manually, Tourmie’s recommendation system helps you save time and automate your procedures.

Increase revenue

Tourmie’s services recommendation system identifies sales opportunities based on your guests’ profile and characteristics and provides them with the best options at relevant stages of their journey.

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