Tourmie Digital Concierge for Hotels, Tourism and Travel Businesses Tourmie is an online concierge application that easily connects Hotels and B&Bs with Travel Companies and Tour Operators in order to provide personalized services to their guests. GET STARTED An effortless way to manage travelers’ requests
Key benefits

It’s all about creating memorable and personalized travel experiences.

Save time managing customers' requests for outsourcing services and reduce the chance for human error.
Add easily your partners and expand your network.
A new method of monetization
Promote to your guests the services of your partners and earn a commission from every sale you make.
Once you have added your partners on the app, you can start promoting their services to your guests.
Make happy & satisfied guests and increase their loyalty.
The all-in-one application to manage easily your outsource and in-house services.
Expand your business opportunities
A new sales channel to promote your travel services in the hospitality sector.
Find easily partners
Invite accommodation providers and expand your network.
A powerful marketing tool to boost your sales.
Manage all your services and bookings in one place.
Reliable Booking Tool
Avoid double bookings & be fully informed of customers' details.
Improve your customers’ experience
Make happy & satisfied customers and increase their loyalty.
Your automated concierge

The all in one application to promote & manage concierge services.

Core features

Here are some application features that make us unique:

Direct service booking

Online payment system

Efficient services management

Reporting tools

Booking calendar

Supported services

Provide your customers or guests the opportunity to easily plan and book all the services they need during their stay. The supported services of Tourmie so far are:

Car rentals




 Frequently asked questions

Check below some commonly asked questions about Tourmie. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

Tourmie is an innovative online concierge application that changes the way that:

  • Travelers plan and book all the services they need during their stay on a holiday or business destination,
  • Hotels, BnB owners, and property managers increase their revenue from travel service sales, and
  • Travel Companies expand and promote their services in a new sales channel.

As a result, any traveler can discover personalized and reliable travel services for the needs of their trip, suggested by the hotel, the BnB owner, or the property manager of the accommodation in which they have booked their stay, with just one click.

Tourmie, the online concierge application is aimed at:

  • Any traveler who is looking for an easier and faster way to discover and book the travel services they need to organize their trip,
  • As well as at every hotel, BnB owner, property manager and every travel business, such as car rental companies, transportation companies, and many others, who are interested in offering a unique experience to each of their guests, while expanding their business opportunities and getting more customers through outsourcing collaborations.

Tourmie is an innovative tool that promotes cooperation between hotels, BnB owners and property managers with travel service providers, giving them the opportunity to expand their business opportunities and increase their service sales. Joining Tourmie you can easily organize and manage all your reservations and collaborations, as well as be informed about them with detailed reports. In addition, Tourmie allows you to receive transparently all agreed payments from your partners on time, online, and with safety.

As travelers to a new destination, we spend a lot of time looking for reliable services for the needs of our trips. So what if you can enjoy all the services you need for your trip and only devote the minimum time required to organize them? Using Tourmie you can find personalized and reliable options for the needs of your trip, get useful information for each service and its provider, easily make online reservations, review your experience after your service and finally get the best travel experience you could ever have!

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