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Tourmie is a brand-new way to manage, assist and engage your guests, from the moment they book their stay to the moment they arrive back home.

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Tourmie can benefit different types of companies in the hospitality industry, from hotels and resorts, villas, vacation rentals and property management agencies to travel service providers, such as car rentals, transfers, food and experiences.


Improve your front desk’s workflow, increase cross-sells, and enhance your guest experience.

Vacation rentals

Make your vacation rental stay smoother, offer guests additional services and earn more money.

Travel service providers

Start connecting with a wide range of hotels and vacation rentals and increase your sales.

All-in-one platform

Discover a wide range of digital solutions for your hotel, vacation rental or travel company. All in one easy-to-use and web-based platform, accessible from any internet browser or device. No download needed for you and your guests.

Online check-in

Offer a seamless check-in experience 24/7! Reduce guest wait times and enhance their overall stay.

Digital guest guide

Give guests access to all the necessary information they need before, during and after their stay.

Digital concierge

Provide guests with assistance, anywhere and anytime. Ancillary services, requests, chat and more. 

Outsourcing partners

Connect with local businesses, offer guests a wider range of services and earn sales commissions.

Area guide

Create a custom guide of your area and provide your guests with your favorite local recommendations.

Guest requests

Receive guest requests online, assign tasks to your team and keep guests informed for the process. 

Why Tourmie?

Delight your guests

Help your guests make the most of their stay! By providing them with a personalized web app, your guests can find useful information for their stay, check-in and send requests online, discover a wide range of travel services, and easily communicate with you through a live chat.

Save valuable time

No unnecessary and common questions, no multiple calls, no wasting time. Using Tourmie, you can save valuable time from your everyday tasks, automate manual processes and keep your guests happy. Everything they need is featured in one place and available at any time. 

Increase your revenue

Discover a new way to generate more revenue for your hotel or vacation rental. With Tourmie, you can create your own booking engine for services, connect with unique local businesses, and start upselling & cross-selling additional services to your guests’ stay. Every time a guest makes an online booking for your partners’ services, you will earn a commission.


How it works

Set up your account

Add all the information about your properties, rooms, services and facilities in your guest app, and then customize it with your branding details.

Invite guests to join

Share the link of your digital guest app in various ways. From your automated messages on Airbnb and Booking to emails, SMS or your website.

Automate the process

Free from multiple calls and unnecessary questions. Your guests can quickly find what they’re looking for on their personal digital guest app.


A wide network of local businesses

We’re constantly growing our network of travel service providers, so that every guest can have an authentic travel experience and explore the hidden gems of each destination, through a wide range of travel services.

Car rentals
Guided tours
Spa & wellness
Boat rentals
Food & drinks
Fun activities
& more

See what Tourmie can do for you

Schedule a live demo with our sales team, answer questions and find out how Tourmie can help your business.

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