4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Area Guide for your Hotel or Vacation rental

An exceptional area guide is your tool to transform a simple stay into an authentic local experience. In this article, you can find some tips to create the best area guide that will delight and enrich your guests.



1. Make it personal

Share your own favorite recommendations with your guests. This will help them get closer to you, learn the secrets of your place, and explore your area like a local.


2. Cover a wide range of place recommendations

Cover a wide range of place recommendations in your area guide, including restaurants, shops, attractions, transportation, and anything else your guests would find useful to know about your area.


3. Personalize your suggestions based on your audience

For example, if your audience is families with children, you can recommend activities such as playgrounds, parks, and museums. If they are couples, you can recommend romantic activities such as dinners at restaurants, spas, massages, or cruises.


4. Keep it up-to-date

Follow the trends in your area and adjust your recommendations accordingly. For example, if there is a new popular restaurant in your area, make sure to include it in your area guide.


By following these tips, you can create a comprehensive and personalized area guide, giving your guests all the information they need to plan their trip and create authentic experiences they will remember forever.


Build your Custom Area Guide in Minutes!

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