Tourmie: The Digital Guide of ShortStay Conference Greece 2024

On February 9 & 10, 2024, Tourmie will participate in the ShortStay Conference 2024. It’s the biggest conference for short-term rentals in Greece for property owners and managers who want to be informed, networked, and inspired by top professionals in the industry. As part of our participation, Tourmie will be the Digital Experience Partner of the ShortStay Conference 2024, aiming to enhance the experience of the attendees during the conference.



Tourmie, the Digital Experience Partner of ShortStay 2024

At the ShortStay Conference 2024, Tourmie will provide attendees with a customized digital guide, specially designed for the conference. The digital guide offers attendees instant access to everything they need before, during, and after the conference to get the most out of their experience.


The Digital Guide of the Conference

Tourmie’s digital guide for ShortStay Conference 2024 is designed to help attendees organize their time more efficiently, find all the information they need instantly, and get the most out of their conference experience.



What will it include:

Information about the conference, such as what will be discussed at the conference, where it will take place, and directions on how participants can get around, etc.

Information about the venue, so that attendees can easily find the points they are looking for, such as the conference rooms, the parking area, etc.

Information about the agenda, such as the detailed schedule of the speeches and workshops, and information about the speakers.

Suggestions for the conference area, such as popular attractions, nearby restaurants and cafes, transportation options, and various useful services.


The digital guide of ShortStay Conference 2024 will be soon available to all attendees of the conference. The attendees will be able to access the digital guide from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Stay tuned!



About Tourmie, the Guest Experience App

Tourmie is an all-in-one Guest Experience application, designed to help vacation rentals create the perfect guest experience with minimal effort.

Through a web application accessible from any device without downloading or registering, guests can have access to everything they may need before, during, and after their stay.


Key features:

• A digital house guide with everything your guests need to know about your property.

• An online check-in form to collect all the necessary guest information.

• A helpful local area guide with recommended places to visit.

• An easy-to-use services booking engine.

• A wide range of local services.

• A management system for guest requests.

• A real-time chat with guests, and other exciting features.


Create a Digital Guide for your Property

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