What’s new on Tourmie: June 2024

Welcome to Tourmie’s latest news! This month, we’re excited to share a number of important updates and improvements to our platform, designed to enhance your experience and boost your performance.


What is included:



What’s new on Tourmie:

1. Guest Messaging

Introducing Guest Messaging, a new feature that allows you to manage all your communications with your guests via email, SMS, WhatsApp and chat, from one central place.



What you can do with Tourmie’s Guest Messaging:

Centralized Management: Handle all your communications from one central place.

• Instant Communication: Respond quickly and efficiently to guest questions and requests, no matter what channel they use.

• Communication History: View all your communications with each guest, including automated emails and SMS messages.

Access to Information: Get instant access to important information, such as guest, reservation, and property details, without searching multiple platforms.

Quick Actions: Perform quick actions directly within conversations, such as:

  • Sending personalized URLs (guest guides, online check-ins, etc.).
  • Promoting tailored services and activities based on the guest profile.
  • Submitting new guest requests.

Assign Conversations: Assign conversations to other users on your account.

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2. Create services with redirect links to external websites

Give your guests access to a wider range of services! Now you can link services hosted on external websites with Tourmie. Users will be redirected to the external source for booking or information.



How it works:

Select Service Type: Choose the type of service you want to add, such as transfers, activities, tours, rentals, or any other service that may interest your guests.

• Add URL Link: Enter the URL link of the service in Tourmie.

• Display in App: The service will appear in your guest guide alongside other services (if available). Clicking on the service will redirect guests to the external URL link for booking or further information.

🔗 Add a service

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New Integrations:

1. Tourmie integration with WhatsApp

Tourmie integrates with WhatsApp, allowing you to manage your messages along with your communications from other channels in one central place.

🔗 Connect your WhatsApp Business account to Tourmie

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2. Tourmie integration with Rentability

Tourmie integrates with Rentability, a comprehensive property management system for property managers. It provides complete control and management of their reservations and financial transactions, while also catering to their marketing needs.

🔗 Connect your Rentability account to Tourmie

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3. Tourmie integration with Hoteliga

Tourmie integrates with Hoteliga, an all-in-one cloud solution for managing hotels and vacation rentals. The hoteliga Property Management System (PMS) empowers hotel staff or property managers of vacation rentals to independently and efficiently handle daily operations of the accommodation. This can be done simply, instantly, and remotely, even using a smartphone.

🔗 Connect your Hoteliga account to Tourmie

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1. Guest guide’s loading time reduced by up to 70%

Your guest guide has been optimized with a loading time reduction of up to 70%! This means your guests can access essential information faster than ever, reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience.


2. Create a unique lockbox and door code per booking

Enhance security at your property. Now you can set a unique lockbox and door code for each booking, providing a safer arrival experience for your guests.

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3. Select booking channel on automated messages

You can now select specific reservation channels for the automated messages you create. This ensures that your guests receive the relevant information tailored to how they booked their reservation.

For example:

• For reservations on Booking.com, create different automated messages than on Airbnb.

• For reservations on Airbnb, send automated messages via SMS only.

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4. Enable automatic recharge for your SMS credits

Now you can enable automatic recharge for your SMS credits with the amount of your choice, avoiding any delays or interruptions in your communications due to insufficient credits.

🔗 Enable automatic recharge for your SMS credits

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That was the news for June! Our team is constantly working to improve your experience with Tourmie. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!



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