Tourmie Soars as Finalist in the Global Startup Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Tourmie has been shortlisted as a finalist for two prestigious categories in the Global Startup Awards! This recognition is a huge honor, and it validates our dedication to transforming the hospitality industry.

Here’s what we’re up for:

🏆 Startup of the Year 2023

🏆 Founder of the Year 2023, for our CEO, Stelios Christakis

These nominations fuel our passion for creating exceptional guest experiences. But we need your help to take it a step further.


Cast Your Vote and Help Us Shape the Future of Hospitality

Your vote will play a crucial role! By voting for us, you’re not just supporting Tourmie, you’re endorsing a future where travel is more personalized, meaningful, and unforgettable.

Help us win! Vote for us:

👉 Startup of the Year 2023 

👉 Founder of the Year 2023 


About Global Startup Awards

The Global Startup Awards (GSA) is the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition. GSA leverages its competition framework and events to run programs across the globe. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Global Startup Awards is already a force in over 120 countries (divided into 12 regions) on 3 continents, and is continuing to expand rapidly.

Thank you for your support!

P.S. Share this news with your network and encourage them to vote for Tourmie. The more votes we get, the closer we are to making our vision a reality.

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