5 Ways to Collect Guests’ Emails when Airbnb’s Email Alias will be Removed

5 Ways to Collect Guests’ Emails when Airbnb’s Email Alias will be Removed

In the world of vacation rentals, clear and effective communication between guests and hosts has always been a crucial aspect. Airbnb uses one of the tools that contributed to this interaction, the email alias feature. This feature provided a simplified way for hosts to communicate with guests while ensuring privacy for both parties. However, as the hospitality landscape evolves and data protection becomes a top priority, Airbnb has decided to retire the email alias feature. This change will come into effect on September 30, 2023. Let’s take some time to explain how this affects hosts and finally how crucial it is to collect guests’ emails.


What we’re going to analyze:

1.Why is Collecting Guest Emails Essential for Vacation Rental Hosts?
2,How Can Vacation Rental Hosts Efficiently Collect Guest Emails?
3.Empowering Guest Communication



Why is Collecting Guest Emails Essential for Vacation Rental Hosts?

The repeal of the email alias feature on Airbnb will have notable implications for hosts, as it affects their ability to communicate effectively with guests and offer personalized experiences. Platforms such as Booking.com and Expedia may continue to provide the email alias feature, but it is still a temporary email, which expires and cannot be used after the guest’s check-out. The guest email is essential for hosts for several reasons and can provide them with numerous benefits:

• Open Communication Channel

The guest’s email address acts as a direct and reliable means of communication for hosts. It allows them to send essential information, address any inquiries or concerns, and keep guests updated throughout the booking process and their stay. Without the guest’s email, this direct communication channel is lost, potentially leading to communication delays or missed opportunities to address guest needs promptly.

• Personalization of Stays

Guest emails enable hosts to personalize the guest experience. By collecting guest information prior to their arrival, hosts can tailor the accommodation to meet specific needs and preferences. This personal touch enhances the overall guest experience and fosters positive reviews, leading to improved host ratings and increased bookings.

• Promotions and Guest Loyalty Programs

With guest emails, hosts have the opportunity to engage in remarketing efforts. After the guest’s stay, hosts can follow up with personalized offers, discounts, or loyalty programs to encourage repeat bookings.

• Building a Guest Database

By collecting guest emails, hosts can build a database of previous and potential guests. This database becomes a valuable resource for hosts to track guest preferences, stay history, and other relevant information. Utilizing this data, hosts can tailor marketing strategies and promotional offers to specific guest segments, increasing the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

How Can Vacation Rental Hosts Efficiently Collect Guest Emails?

The email alias feature of booking platforms has always created the need for hosts to seek alternative methods to collect their guests’ emails, especially now with the repeal of the email alias by Airbnb. Fortunately, there are several solutions for hosts that allow them to easily collect the email and other essential information about their guests, ensuring direct communication, better services, targeted marketing, and overall, increased loyalty. Some indicative suggestions:

1. Online check-in apps

One innovative alternative solution to collect guest email addresses is through online check-in apps. These apps, such as Tourmie, have revolutionized the guest data collection process.

What makes this approach even more convenient is that hosts have the flexibility to add the online check-in link directly on their Booking channels’ automated messages or use a QR code on the accommodation itself. This user-friendly method ensures a direct and secure communication channel while offering you the chance to gather all your guests’ essential information before they arrive at your property.

2. Use a Wifi Solution

One simple way to collect guest information is a Wifi solution that requires guests to sign in using their email addresses to access the internet. This approach allows you to gather guest emails while offering a convenient service without violating privacy policies.

3. Online Feedback/Survey Forms

After check-out, filling out an online feedback form with guests’ impressions of their stay allows you to collect additional necessary information. Include a field where they can optionally provide their email address to receive discounts or stay updated on future rental promotions.

4. Contests and Promotions

Another way to collect your guests’ emails is to run contests or promotions where participants will have to submit their email addresses to participate. Ensure you comply with relevant data protection laws.

5. Ask Directly

There’s nothing simpler than asking your guests directly! During their stay, put on your best welcoming smile and kindly inquire about their email address. Remember, it’s essential to be courteous and respect their privacy. To make the process smoother, clearly explain why you are collecting their email address and how it will be used. Assure them that their email will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties. Also, make it clear that providing their email address is entirely optional and they can choose not to share it if they prefer.



Empowering Guest Communication

While traditional ways of collecting guest information can be effective to some extent, embracing guest experience apps, like Tourmie, introduces a host of additional benefits. Apart from effortlessly collecting guest email addresses, these innovative platforms offer an array of features that elevate the guest-host interaction to a new level of convenience and personalization. Here are some examples:

Online Check-in

Allow your guests to complete their check-in process before their arrival and provide you with all the required guest information.

Guest Requests

Simplify guest requests by enabling online submissions, leading to efficient management, improved staff workflow, and heightened guest satisfaction.

• Area Guide

Provide your guests with valuable information about the surrounding area, such as nearby attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, transportation options, and other points of interest.

• Additional Services

Offer your guests the option to customize their stay by selecting and booking additional services, such as airport transfers, car rentals and local experiences.

Automated Messages

Improve communication efficiency and save time by automating certain aspects of guest communication.

• Live Chat

Let your guests make real-time conversations with your staff for quick responses to queries and concerns.

With a guest experience app, hosts can enhance the guest experience, optimize their vacation rental offerings, and foster guest loyalty in the evolving landscape of vacation rentals. By embracing innovative solutions like Tourmie, hosts can ensure a seamless and personalized experience for guests, setting the stage for memorable stays and positive reviews.

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