Connect your HotelAvailabilities account to Tourmie

Tourmie connects with HotelAvailabilities’ software to help you enhance your guest experience.


In this article:


Connect your HotelAvailabilities account to Tourmie

To connect your HotelAvailabilities account to Tourmie, contact HotelAvailabilities and request your API Key.


Once you have received it:

  • Enter your HotelAvailabilities API key and click Create connection.



Map your HotelAvailabilities & Tourmie room types

After connecting your account, map your HotelAvailabilities room types to your Tourmie ones.


Create a room type on Tourmie

  • Go to Properties.
  • Click Add new and then, Add room type.

  • Enter the name and number of your room type and then, click Submit.

For more room types, follow the same process.


Map your room types

  • Go to Settings   > Developers > Integrations.
  • Click Manage to start.

  • On the Room types tab, click the icon .

  • Map your HotelAvailabilities room types to your Tourmie ones and then, click Update.


After completing the above steps, contact us to activate the integration of your Tourmie account with HotelAvailabilities. Then:

  • All of your HotelAvailabilities listings will be imported into Tourmie, on the Properties page.
  • All your new bookings will start being automatically imported to Tourmie, on the Bookings page.

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