Introducing Tourmie’s Area Guide: Your Solution for Enriched Guest Experiences

Envision a scenario where your guests arrive at your vacation rental, filled with excitement to explore the local area. They turn to you for advice on the best places to eat, must-see attractions, and convenient transportation options. As a host, you recognize the need to provide them with a personalized local guide to enhance their stay. That’s where Tourmie’s Area Guide comes to the rescue!

At Tourmie, we understand the importance of creating unforgettable experiences for your guests. We’ve recognized the common challenge hosts face in offering tailored recommendations and local insights to their visitors. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Tourmie’s Area Guide, your solution to effortlessly provide guests with all the essential information about your local area.



What is Tourmie’s area guide?

Tourmie’s Area Guide is your ultimate tool to curate the best local experience for your guests. From restaurants to attractions, this guide has it all. Whether your guests are craving a gourmet dining experience, seeking adventure or simply looking for a nearby pharmacy, the Area Guide covers it comprehensively.

Create your Custom Area Guide

How can Tourmie’s area guide enhance your guest experience?

Imagine if you could offer your guests more than just a place to stay. Picture transforming their visit into an unforgettable exploration of your area’s best-kept secrets. With Tourmie’s Interactive Area Guide, this vision becomes your reality.


Navigate with Ease through an Interactive Map

With our interactive digital map, your guests can effortlessly explore your area’s hidden treasures. From cozy cafes to scenic viewpoints, each recommendation is a step closer to uncovering the heart and soul of your local area.


Real-Time Updates at Your Fingertips

Stay in control with instant updates. Whether you’re adding, editing, or deleting points on the map, you can ensure your guests always have the updated recommendations, right when they need them.


Craft a Personalized Experience through Customization

Bring your recommendations to life with your personal touch. Customize each point on the guide by adding your own photos and descriptions, creating a narrative that resonates with your guests.


Guiding Your Guests Every Step of the Way

Help your guests navigate like locals. The Area Guide provides clear directions from your property to featured points of interest, ensuring seamless exploration without the fear of getting lost.




Calculate Distances for Informed Adventures

Empower your guests to plan their day with ease. Our distance calculation feature lets them estimate the distances between attractions and your property, allowing for optimized adventure planning.


Price Ranges and Discounts for Every Budget

Make budgeting a breeze. Guests can access price ranges for various points of interest, enabling them to align their experiences with their preferences. And for extra value, any available discounts or coupons you’ve added to your area guide, are right at their fingertips.


Your Brand, Your Identity, Your Guide

Keep your brand identity intact. The Area Guide’s white label feature lets you tailor the look and feel to match your property’s identity, offering a seamless extension of your brand to your guests.


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Your guests deserve convenience. With our web-based app, accessible from any browser or device, your guests can immerse themselves in local discovery without the need for downloads.


How Does It Work?

Add Recommendations: Add your favorite local spots in the area, from the best restaurants and tourist attractions to the nearby pharmacies and bus stations. Add your favorite local spots in the area, from the best restaurants and tourist attractions to the nearby pharmacies and bus stations.

Customize Content: Make it yours. Add descriptions, upload photos, and even throw in exclusive discounts to make your guests’ experiences memorable.

Sharing with Guests: Spread your favorite local gems. Start sharing your area guide via email, SMS, social media and your official website, empowering your guests to explore like locals.

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Tourmie’s Area Guide bridges the gap between hosts and guests, transforming their stay into a journey of discovery. So, are you looking for a way to save time, simplify your guests’ experience and unlock a plethora of positive reviews?

By embracing this feature, you’re not just providing recommendations, you’re creating a canvas for unforgettable memories. Elevate your guests’ stays from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving them with memories that will linger long after checkout.

Ready to enhance your hosting game?

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