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Discover service providers who serve your area, make partnerships and provide your guests with a variety of authentic travel services


Luxury Yacht Parties & Boat Rentals

Area: Mykonos
Commission: 10%

Cruises & Boat Rentals

Area: Mykonos
Commission: 10%

Cruises & Transfers

Area: Mykonos
Commission: 10%


Area: Mykonos
Commission: 10%

Send partnership invitations

    Choose Service Providers


    How do I see the business details of service providers?

    Once a partner accepts your invitation, you will be able to see their business details, here.

    Where can I find my partnerships?

    You can find all your partnerships on the “Partnerships” page on the left menu of Tourmie application.

    Can I cancel a partnership?

    Yes, of course. Go to “Partnerships”, select your partner’s ID and click the “Cancel Partnership” button. After that, you will receive an email confirmation of the partnership cancelation.

    How many business partners can I invite on Tourmie?

    There is no limit. You can invite as many business partners as you want.

    Can I suggest a different commission for an active or a potential partnership?

    Yes, of course. To ask for a different commission just contact us at

    How do I know if an invitation partnership has been accepted?

    You can find your partnership invitations on the “Partnerships” page. If a partnership has been accepted, it will appear in the “Active Partnerships” tab and If not, in the “Pending partnership invitations” tab.

    How do I invite my business partners to join Tourmie?

    To invite your business partners, click “+” on the right side of the header and choose “New Partnership“. Enter their information and the percent of commission you want to receive for every service sale you make. Once they accept your invitation, you can start promoting your new services to your guests.

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